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Lurralife products are all natural, made from 100% organic materials, many of them grown in our own deep-sea saturated fields. From our Lurralife Thrive to our Lurralife O2 drops, every product is made using researched based practices. We believe in using healthy products to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We feel honored to be part of their transformation and look forward to being part of yours too. You too can look, feel, and perform your best!

Lurralife Coffee – LurraFit Coffee

LurraFit Coffee is a top choice weight loss product for coffee lovers. Made from quality natural ingredients hand-selected for their healthy life-enhancing properties, it’s unlike your average cup of joe.

Lurralife Tea – Dr. Miller’s Detox Tea

Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea is an Original Detox and Cleansing Tea. Holy Tea contains nine healthy, natural, herbal ingredients. Dr. Miller’s Tea is caffeine free and all nine of the herbal ingredients are one hundred percent organic fulfilling our promise of natural “Earth Life” ingredients.

Lurralife Capsules – LurraFit Capsules

Lurralife Capsules contain a nutrient rich complex of ingredients that can fortify your body’s natural healing ability, reduce the risk of heart attack, and help reduce insulin, blood sugar and stress hormone levels. Lurralife Capsules natural boost energy and improve the body’s ability to function while suppressing the appetite and reducing food cravings.

Lurralife O2 Drops

Lurralife O2 drops provide a one-of-a-kind formula of bio-available oxygen molecules and essential trace minerals that are completely natural, safe, non-toxic, totally stable, and simple to use. Lurralife O2 drops can improve your overall health, both mental and physical, and lead to a longer higher quality life.

Lurralife Thrive Green Drink

Lurralife Thrive offers a very special combination of natural nutrients, mineral, enzymes, and antioxidants to help your body beat insulin resistance and fuel your body’s natural healing abilities. Lurralife Thrive is made with Nobel Prize winning technology and the natural ingredients of Lurralife Thrive include alfalfa, oats, barley, and kamut. All of these green ingredients are specially grown and processed to preserve the nutrients in them so that your body gets the best of them. 

Lurralife 5 Day Kick Start Sample Pack 

Get a jump start on a healthy, active lifestyle and weight loss with the LurraLife 5-Day Kick Start! The kick start packs are designed to get you started fast on the path to a healthy weight and a healthy life. The nutrients in these products work naturally and synergistically to optimize a healthy balance.

Lurralife Weight Loss

Improve the results of your weight loss plan by adding the Lurralife products to your daily regimen. Each of these products work naturally to boost your body’s processes and increase the results you see. Lurralife products can multiply your weight loss efforts up to 75%. 

Lurralife Q & A

Question: What is the Lurralife philosophy? 

Answer: The Lurralife philosophy is more than just taking health supplements. It is a holistic approach to reaching our healthy lifestyle goals…mind, body, and spirit. The Lurralife philosophy is also a commitment to devoting ourselves to helping a global community of people realize their potential for personal growth and success. For this important purpose, we work as a team and make a stand for a better life for everyone.  Lurralife is a way of life.

Question: Who are the founders of Lurralife?

Answer: The founders of Lurralife bring significant experience to the organization.  Dan Putnam is a successful entrepreneur with nearly 25 years of full-time network marketing experience. Travis Martin is committed to building real meaning in the LurraLife culture with every opportunity and person he meets. He has built his career through various marketing and business development roles and brings to LurraLife an unmatched versatility on the corporate side of network marketing. Dr. Derek Martin is excited to be part of the LurraLife Team. He believes that building relationships from the heart will bring joy, pride, and satisfaction. Rich Johnson brings to LurraLife a wealth of business experience and has a long track record of successful company development. Johnathan Bryant is honored to be part of the LurraLife Executive Team and is excited to help support the members in the valuable mission of our company. Read more about Lurralife on the About Us page.

Question: Why Lurralife products?

Answer: Lurralife products are all natural, made from 100% organic materials, many of them grown in our own deep-sea saturated fields. From our Lurralife Thrive to our Lurralife O2 drops, every product is made using researched based practices. We believe in using healthy products to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lurralife Testimonials

Farrah says, “Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself and thought “dang I am fat”? Yep that was me. My doctor said I was at risk for diabetes and heart attack.  Then I found Lurralife. Lurralife products and supplements have helped me lose weight, get healthy, and start a new way of living.”


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Lurralife Weight Loss Coffee - Lurrafit Coffee

Get ready to energize your day and your Lurralife weight loss! LurraFit Coffee™ is the go-to weight loss coffee for coffee lovers. Made from the highest quality natural ingredients hand-selected for their adaptogenic, antioxidant, and thermogenesis properties, it’s unlike your average cup of joe. 

Begin your day with an energizing cup of LurraFit Coffee™ - The weight loss coffee. Rich in smooth, bold flavor and aroma, our full-bodied black Arabica coffee has little acidity or bitterness. Plus, it is enriched with all-natural nutrients and extracts to increase energy, curb appetite, and boost the brain. Regular use has been found to improve metabolism, memory, and mood as well as to enhance mental and physical performance and productivity.  Try ther weight loss coffee.


Lurralife Weight Loss Tea - Deatox, Cleanse and Lose Weight Naturally - Lurralife Deatox Tea

Dr. Miller’s Detox Tea, the Lurralife weight loss tea, is formulated to effectively and gently detoxify, cleanse, and restore balance to the body. Regular use of this very unique, 100% organic, caffeine-free herbal tea has been found to improve overall wellbeing and digestive health. Plus, it can aid in safe, rapid weight loss and is much more effective than Chinese green tea…making it the perfect kick-start to any tea weight loss plan! Other health benefits include increased energy, mental clarity, and natural resistance to illness. Try thr weight loss tea - lurralife werightloss tea!