Lurralife Detox Tea is caffeine free and all nine of the herbal ingredients are one hundred percent organic. These ingredients are pure and organic, so the tea does not introduce any more toxins into your body.

Lurralife Tea for Weight Loss

The Lurralife Tea helps promote weight loss and helps keep the weight off by gently cleansing and detoxifying the whole body keeping. 
Initially, people who drink Lurralife Detox Tea may lose up to a pound or more a day. This is as the tea flushes toxins and other poisons from your body.

Lurralife Tea for Staying Healthy

Want to feel better and be healthier? Lurralife Tea helps promote good digestions, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Some people have experienced better regulation of blood sugar and reduction of symptoms of diabetes. Studies suggest that Lurralife Tea will increase the longevity of your life by boosting your immune system.

Lurralife Tea for World Travelers

When you travel, whether to a far-off country or to the big city down the road, you are exposed to hundreds of chemicals, bacteria, and toxins. 
Lurralife Tea can prevent your body from becoming ill when exposed to a new set of air-, food-, or water-borne elements. The tea will gently cleanse you of whatever you might have picked up that day or on that trip.

Let’s talk about the icky stuff. Parasites. We don’t like to think about itty bitty critters living in our gut and feasting on the food we consume. But they are there, and they are found in more kinds of foods than you might think. 
Lurralife Detox Tea will flush those nasties right out of our bodies. The tea prevents the parasites from consuming the nutrients that our body needs. 

Lurralife Tea Q & A

Question: What does Lurralife Tea Offer? 

Answer: The tea gently cleans and detoxifies the whole body. Lurralife Tea helps promote weight loss and helps keep the weight off by keeping toxins and parasites out of your body. The benefits include lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels, in addition, the tea boosts your immune system.

Question: What are the ingredients of Lurralife Tea?

Answer: There is nine one-hundred percent of natural organic herbs in Lurralife Tea. These herbs are balanced in the most effective amounts to cleanse and detoxify your body.

Lurralife Tea Testimonials

Andrea – “Lurralife Tea catapulted my weight loss. In the first few days I lost seven pounds. In just a few months of drinking the tea every day, I have lost 60 pounds. I probably wouldn’t even be alive today if it weren’t for that tea.”

Leo says “I was on the way to being diabetic. On the way to being on one of those “too fat to leave the house” TV shows. Then I found Lurralife. Lurralife Tea has helped me lose weight, get healthier, and start exercising. I thank God for Lurralife Tea.”